Marketing Information System (MIS)

The MIS project is supported by the German Government through GIZ Albania in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) and implemented by ADAD Mountain.

Misfruit is the fruit market information platform at all times!

Misfruit reflects at all times the prices reported by ADAD Mountain agents from the markets of Tirana, Lushnja and Korça, as well as some European markets. In addition to market prices, our database contains information on fruit producers, area, production, data on traders, refrigerators and much more.

Misfruit.al is an information and analytical platform for growing the fruit business

The misfruit platform will timely distribute market information for the Fruit VC network, from producers to decision makers, influencing product sales growth. This will allow decision makers to use the information in the face of the realities of food security, market transparency and mutual benefit.

The data provided by the system enables both the trader and the farmer to find the best offer.
Fruit price information in the three domestic markets includes market price analysis and forecasts, fruit sector news, information from foreign markets, success stories, producer information, marketers for trade forums, fairs, etc.

The platform also provides other services such as technical assistance on the farm, forecasting signaling services, information on agricultural inputs, promotions, business opportunities, market research, etc.

Misfruit is useful

For fruit producers, small and medium farmers, for exporters, importers, for the retail network, suppliers of seedlings, seeds, inputs, technology and equipment, as well as for public institutions, non-governmental organizations, consumers, etc.

All data, images, graphics and information on this site are administered by ADAD Mountain and may not be retrieved, used or transferred without the prior approval and consent of ADAD Mountain.

ADAD Mountain is a professional agricultural association, established in 1996 with activity in the field of agriculture and rural development. Operates mainly in the mountainous areas of Albania. ADAD Mountain’s mission is to support producers’ activities to improve the socio-economic level. ADAD Mountain has over 1000 members and specialized technical staff. It is focused on building the capacity of producers, fruit value chain actors, lobbying and consulting with the government.

We are now a strong producer organization focused on fruit growing.

Innovation in technology: in the production, storage and processing of fruits
Assistance for manufacturers to obtain quality and certified manufacturing with Global G.A.P.
Product promotion and facilitation for the sale of production in the domestic and foreign market.

ADAD Mountain represents agricultural producers and businesses and offers:

Variety of fruits and varieties
Quality production according to market standards
Fresh and processed production.

Contact: mis.fruial@gmail.com, info@adadmalore.al, www.adadmalore.al, fb.adadamalore