The Agriculture Cooperative Company (ACC) «alifrut» is located in the region of Korça and has a long experience of 25 years in the fruit-growing. Alifrut is assets are 20 hectares of orchards, with modern technology and intensive form of planting. Production of about 600-700 tons of fruit per year,  of which 95 % is apple, cherry and plum. Cold storage facilities with modern technology and capacity of 500 ton. Sorting and packaging system for fruits, fulfilling market requirements.

Product offer:       Apple (varieties: Starking, Gold Delicious, Granny Smith, Fuji) and Cherry

Own production:               220 ton Apple, 50 ton Cherry

Collection Trade:             1500 ton for year

 Standards/Systems for food safety and quality: 🗸 Global G.A.P.

Main export markets:        Greece, Serbia, Macedonia

Main market channels:     supermarket chains, wholesale markets

Address: Dvoran, Korce