Perkthe ne anglisht kujdes kontrolloje : Albania in 2020 has increased apple production by 90% or from 54 thousand tons compared to 2010. With the development of this sector, the country’s production has replaced imports and in 2015 it has exceeded domestic consumption. In 2018, production reached the maximum production of 108,375 tons (in fact, the real production was 140 thousand tons). However, we produce about 10-12% of the region’s production, so far from the capacities and favorable climatic conditions that our country has. Apple is an important economic sector because it generates employment and high income. In an area of 4,814 ha (23% of the PF area) apple production accounts for about 38% of the country’s fruit production (instat 2020). The main apple cultivation and production areas are Korça with 88% of the area and 90% of the production, Dibra with 7%, while the other 8 districts cultivate about 5% of the area and about 3% of its production