Perkthe ne anglisht kujdes kontrolloje : Albania in 2020 has increased apple production by 90% or from 54 thousand tons compared to 2010. With the development of this sector, the country’s production has replaced imports and in 2015 it has exceeded domestic consumption. In 2018, production reached the maximum production of 108,375 tons (in fact, […]

“Bullari Natyral Farm” started operating in April 2014, specialized in production of walnut, kiwi, pomegranate, almond, fig, cherry, etc.  “Bullari Natyral Farm” has 180 ha with fruit trees.Product offer:                       Pomegranate (Wonderful), Walnut (Chandler), Kiwi, Almond, Fig, Cherry, etc.Own production:                60 ton PomegranateStandards/Systems for food safety and quality:  🗸Global G.A.P.        Main market channels:      supermarket chains, […]

Dion Farm started operating in 2000 as a company involved in production, storage, preservation of apples, cherry and nuts. Dion Farm disposes: 8 ha orchards of mainly, apple, cherry; Cold storage  rooms of capacity 20 ton.Product : 30 ton apple and 30 ton Cherry quantity ton/yearCollection – Trade:  50 tons Apple, 50 tons Cherry for […]

Mystehak Maska established his company in 1991 operating with production, collection and marketing of fruits. Nowadays the company has 4 employees and manages the production of cherry orchards of 2 hectares.Product offer:                           Cherry (varieties: Napoleon, Regina) 60 tonsMain export markets:            Monte Negro. Kosovo, MacedoniaMain market channels:   supermarket chains, wholesale marketsAddress: Drobonik, Berat  Back

Arjan Sade started operating in production, collection and marketing of peaches since 2013, with a surface of 8 hectares. Company’s objective is to offer high quality peach and competitive product in the market, aiming to access new market channels and expand in the export market.Product offer:                       Peach (varieties:  Gloria, Big Dop, Caldo and Venus)Own production:                 […]

Plum production this year has been about 50-60% lower than 2020. Exactly plums this year has reached the highest price in the retail market with 70-80 ALL / kg, compared to 50 ALL / kg that has been in 2020, this due to low production in the country and Europe, which was caused by frosts. […]

The early Gala variety came on the market with a retail price of 100 lek / kg. Gala is the important variety in the markets of Europe and the world and is also called the market variety. Although it has been introduced as a variety in our country since 2001 and 2004 in Dibër and […]

The export volume of apples from Poland (amounted to 499.6 thousand tons in the first half of 2021. This means an increase in exports year-on-year. The list of Polish apple buyers in the first half of 2021 included 61 countries. Albania is part of this list and has bought or imported from Poland 58,112 kg […]

The expected production of apples for this year is projected in the region of Kora 85-90 thousand tons, while nationwide about 105-110 thousand tons. This year’s production is estimated to be 10-15% lower than 2020, due to light damage from frost and hail in some areas of Korca. Although we have a decrease in production […]

Prognosfruit 2021 publishes the annual forecast of apple and pear production, showing a 10% increase in apple production and a 28% decrease for pear. According to the World Association of Apples and Pears, apple production in the EU for the 21 largest apple producing countries is estimated to be 11,735,000 Tons for the 2021/2022 season. […]