“Kop Frut” is established in 2012 from dedicated people with long experience of 25 years in arboriculture, who invested in apple juice processing line, an important investment in the fruits value chain for the region of Dibra and for all Albania. Kop Frut is one of the companies which best experienced the shift from fruit […]

Kaza Frut company started operating in 2008. The company is involved in production, processing, marketing and trading of plums and other fruits like apple and cherry. KazaFrut disposes  12 ha orchards of mainly plum, cherry, cold storage  rooms of capacity 25 ton; processing line for dried  and preparing plum to produce raki.Product offer: Plum, Cherry, dries […]

Eiba-Al company (Uznove, Berat)  started its activity in February 2015, involved in production of dried figs. The company invested in the whole processing facilities like calibration, processing equipment’s, washing and drying lines.Product offer: Dried figOwn production: 200 tonStandards/Systems for food safety and quality: 🗸 Global G.A.P.Main export markets:Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia, GermanyMain market channels:supermarket […]