Treg-Tur Korca company is established in July 1996 and is engaged in production, collection and  marketing of fruits and vegetables.. The main products include  apple, orange and tangerine, where 300 ton of apple are own production of the company. Treg- Tur Korca is also collecting and trading fruits and vegetables from the farms nearby at an annual  capacity of 2000 ton and possesses refrigerator rooms of 2000 ton capacity.


Product offer:                     Apple (varieties: Starking, Gold, Jona Gold, Granny Smith, Fuji), Orange, Tangerine

Own production:               300 ton Apple

Collection Trade:             2000 ton for year

Standards/Systems for food safety and quality: 🗸 Global G.A.P.

Main export markets:        Serbia, Macedonia

Main market channels:     supermarket chains, wholesale markets